Red Aspen

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We're loving these Penny is Golden Dashes! They're perfect for all the holidays coming up!

Wouldn't they be so fun for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas? I might get a few sets or reuse them multiple times. 😂



We're so excited to have added Red Aspen Products to our site! Perfect for mommy and me fun, pampering yourself or gift ideas! 


We're so excited about these lash bundles! 24 hour sale! Ends Tuesday, June Our favorite size! 

Here's a link to our Red Aspen site.

Some items Red Aspen offers


-False Lashes

-Lip Kits (Lip pencil & lipstick)

-Brow Kits (also available to purchase separately)


They do all the shipping for us, but we're here to  answer questions or recommend products! Check out our stories on instagram as well as our igtv for more fun! We believe in Inspiring Fun Traditions! Nails and make-up are a great way to bring out the fun in your life.