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My dear friend, Emili, suffered from Leukemia and was taken home in May 2019.  She personifies everything that we represent here at Jayne Samantha.  We wanted to have a way to remember her and show her family how much she means to us.  

When you shop jaynesamantha.com, you are giving to the Huntsman Cancer Institute to support Leukemia Research.

We donate 1% of each item sold to benefit leukemia research.

You'll see a "Shopping Gives Logo" at checkout!

One of my greatest fears when I learned of her death, is that I would forget about her.  #rememberingemili is a way for us to remember all the Emili's in our lives.  Our friends, loved ones and associates that have touched our lives in a way that we will be forever changed because of them.  Huntsman Logo