About us . . .

At Jayne Samantha, we're all about kitchen connections.  We specialize in products that help make our time in the kitchen mean more.

Story time . . .

I'm the second oldest of 8 children and my dad had his own business.  My mom was always busy whether she was taking a child to an activity, making dinner or a myriad of other activities.  

Even though she was busy, I always felt loved and that she wanted to spend time with me.  

One time in particular, I had a question about tithing, a principle in our church.  I didn't understand the purpose.  She took the time to listen to me and help me understand why it was important.  But, most of all I felt loved.  

The kitchen is the hub of the home, the place where we gather. 


What are some of your favorite memories in the kitchen as a child? 

At JayneSamantha, we're excited to bring you new products to help make your time in the kitchen more valuable, because we can't buy back time, right?


Looking forward to making memories with you in the kitchen.

 💕Melanie & the jaynesamantha family