A little about Jayne Samantha

Hello there!  We would love to share our story!

When I was a little girl I remember a special jammie dress that my mom made for me.  I remember loving how comfy it was and feeling so special that my mom spent the time to make it for me.  I wanted to build a similar memory with my daughter and made nightgowns for her when she was little.  Now she is 16 and still enjoys wearing jammie dresses.  I also have an 8 year old daughter that loves to wear them.  

Now I want to help other little girls build these memories with their moms, grandmas, sisters and aunts so I created this business-Jayne Samantha is named after my two daughters.  I also wanted to create a place where families can go to find ideas on fun traditions they can start and how they can have fun as families. 

Baking is one tradition that is a part of my life.  I feel connected to myself and able to relax.  Now, my daughters enjoy baking cookies and spending the time in the kitchen with me.